Preliminary Internal Medicine Internship

The Preliminary Internal Medicine Program is an integral component of the Department of Medicine and adds a valuable breadth of professional diversity to our intern class. We strongly believe that it is of great benefit to future internal medicine specialists to share their formative early clinical experiences with future colleagues in radiology, dermatology, neurology and other disciplines. Likewise, we feel that the optimum experience in internal medicine for an intern destined for a career in neurology or other non-internal medicine disciplines is a full immersion clinical year alongside medical intern colleagues at every step.

Approximately 3/4 of our Preliminary intern class each year remain at Brown for their advanced residency training in neurology, dermatology, radiology, ophthalmology and other disciplines. This promotes the collegial relationship enjoyed by medical housestaff with their former internship classmates now in other residency programs. This symbiotic relationship at Brown has contributed to the strength of both programs and is an important aspect of our philosophy of graduate medical education.

Our Preliminary intern class is fully integrated with the rotations of our three year Internal Medicine house staff. The Preliminary IM schedule is designed to provide a strong foundation of internal medicine experience that will prepare physicians for further specialty training. All residents see an unparalleled spectrum of medical diagnoses in an academically stimulating and friendly environment. This experience provides a valuable background which enables our graduates to advise and consult with the internist in the management of medical patients.

Guided by input from its current members and graduates, the Preliminary Residency track has been carefully designed to provide parity with categorical peers while maximizing flexibility necessary for interns to pursue a curriculum unique to their needs and future specialty. The 12 month intern year is nearly identical to that for categorical interns and is depicted below, along with highlights of programmatic differences.  Click on the schedule below view a larger version…


The Preliminary Internal Medicine PGY-1 Program Schedule is similar to the PGY-1 Categorical Schedule with the following distinctions:

  • An elective month is substituted for the month of Geriatrics required in the Categorical Program, bringing the total number of electives for Preliminary Interns to 3.
  • A General Medicine Ward rotation may be substituted for Night Float rotation in any of the three years.
  • Preliminary Interns who are part of our Prelim-Neurology program will be scheduled for a Neurology ward rotation.
  • Preliminary Interns are not required to have a continuity clinic as part of their intern year.


The Brown Preliminary Internal Medicine program includes two distinct tracks that relate primarily to the application and NRMP ranking process. The tracks, Preliminary IM – Neurology (NRMP # 1677140P1) and Preliminary IM – Anesthesiology (NRMP # 1677140P2) both reserve positions for matched applicants to the respective Brown residencies in these disciplines. The tracks themselves, however, are largely identical to the general Preliminary IM programs. Each track will provide interns with a rotation in the discipline to which they will be transitioning at the conclusion of their Preliminary year in order to prepare them for their new specialty area. For instructions on how to apply to these specific Preliminary IM tracks at Brown click here.