Post-Interview Communication

The Alpert Medical School/Brown University Internal Medicine Residency Programs commit to adhere to the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) Position on Post-Interview Applicant-Program Communication. An applicant’s primary variable to consider in crafting their rank list is whether or not a program meets that applicant’s needs as a prospective intern. We respect that important spirit of the Match.  We provide below a summary description of our implementation at Brown. The full text of the APDIM Position Paper can be found at

  • Interviewers or program directors will only communicate with applicants following their interview at Brown in order to tie up “loose ends” – provide information in follow-up, contact information with a local researcher, etc.
  • Any such individual communication will not contain language which addresses ranking or fit.
  • Our program will not communicate with applicants following the interview day with communications that contain any reference to ranking, “fit”, or likelihood of matching.
  • We discourage thank you notes or e-mails from interviewed applicants on the basis that such communication often places undue worry or expectations on students. Such communication will not routinely receive a reply.
    • Please note, however, that we welcome contacts requesting information or clarification.
    • Thank you notes from applicants will not be construed by us as a violation of this policy or in any negative way whatsoever. We simply do not want applicants to feel any pressure to send such communication.
  • Interviewed applicants with objective questions about the program (e.g. number of required months of ICU experience; availability of opportunities for community service, etc.) should direct those questions only to Program staff will either (a) respond directly to the applicant, (b) direct the query to the program director or chief resident best-suited to respond, or (c) include a response in a routine query response digest/update. This practice will ensure fairness, accuracy and consistency of responses.
  • Program Directors, Program Administrator, Chief Residents will share responsibility for responding to applicant questions and directing questions to relevant staff for answers.
  • Brown Minority Housestaff Association (BMHA) or other house staff communication is not addressed in this policy and will continue as per the needs of applicants and housestaff.


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation with our efforts to support the integrity of the Match. A full description of the APDIM position, paired with the relevant items summarized above, is provided to applicants on the day of their interview visit.